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Dynamic plate load test “CARRELLO”:

Mobile Light Weight Deflectometer – No heavy carrying!

Mobile Light Weight Deflectometer “CARRELLO” for the dynamic plate load test was designed for comfortable testing all over your construction site. “CARRELLO” enables easy handling of your TERRATEST Light Weight Deflectometer without carrying the 35 kg device. The complete Light Weight Deflectometer is hooked up under the angled handles of the load plate and hauled across the construction site.

The dynamic load plate test can be done quickly and precisely by a single person in less than two minutes. It does not need any counterweight unlike the static load plate test which requires at least 30 minutes of time and can only be carried out using a counterweight like a truck, excavator or a steamroller – which is why it is extremely difficult to execute the static load plate test in areas that are hard to access like utility trenches for example. Due to its complicated procedure and the complicated calculation method of the test result, the static load plate test is usually only being performed by testing laboratories. This often causes a certain waiting time during which the construction company has to stop the construction works until the testing laboratory is presenting the test results.

Thanks to “CARRELLO” the handling of the Light Weight Deflectometer for Dynamic Plate Load Tests will become easy and comfortable, even across long distances!