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Ways to set up a light weight Deflectometer

14. July 2017

The ideal equipment to determine the loading capacity and to analyze soil compaction for construction activity, light weight delflectometers assist construction firms to turnaround projects quickly.  Setting it up is a relatively simple task, involving a few aspects that need to be followed for securing accurate results. Profiled below are a few dos and don’ts during setting up of an LWD. 

Avoid setting up in locations inundated with water

It is important to bear in mind to avoid the load test on irregular terrain, and in areas with water stagnant or during rains. These factors are most likely to cause a negative impact to the final results.

Setting up – The installation can be performed over the following steps

  • Ensure that you position the instrument and the load plate with the sensor on the actual spot where the test needs to be carried out; following which the equipment has to be connected to the measuring computer in order to generate the results.
  • Place the drop weight on load plate and raise it to the desired height and let it to free fall. The readings and the settlement graph will then be recorded and displayed in the screen of the measuring computer for further analysis.
  • Perform at least a couple of drives of falling weight sequences to permit the system to compare the results of each drive before finally generating the dynamic strain model which is the desired outcome of the test. Consolidated prints showing the Evd value in meganewtons per square meter and the path/speed ratio in mm per second offer the information sought.
  • These test procedures are simple with instructions from the voice navigation menu throughout the measuring procedure, making it easy to install and operate. Light weight deflectometers also have the provision of transferring the results to a PC directly on site with GPS corresponding info. 

The enhanced versions of light weight deflectometer stream the data directly from the measuring computer to gadgets such as smart phones and tablets. This provision permits the test results and other necessary data to be mailed to the clientele.