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Ways to set up a light weight Deflectometer

14. July 2017

The ideal equipment to determine the loading capacity and to analyze soil compaction for construction activity, light weight delflectometers assist construction firms to turnaround projects quickly.  Setting it up is a relatively simple task, involving a few aspects that need to be followed for securing accurate results. Profiled below are a few dos and don’ts… mehr

Tips for Developing Statistical Limits for Light Weight Deflectometers

14. July 2017

Light Weight Deflectometers have come to replace the conventional methods used for compaction testing. Offering faster and more accurate measurements without causing a considerable drain on resources, the LWDs have turned out to be a boon to the paving industry. Having received enhanced traction among the industry, it is important to develop statistical limits for… mehr

Know About the Types of Soils for Light Weight Deflectometer Testing

14. July 2017

Different soil types have unique features with optimal moisture content. Soil types are generally categorized by size of the grain that is regulated by passing through a series of sieves to determine the different grain sizes. We drill down through stratum to understand more about the different types of soil that are used in testing… mehr

Basic requirement for Soil compaction test

14. July 2017

Typically, tests are conducted in order to figure out the optimal moisture content in the soil. Proctor test and field test are the basic requirements for soil compaction test. These tests are actually carried out to check the maximum density of the soil. We take a good look at some of the basic requirements for soil… mehr

Trade Fair Report: Autostrada Polska (5/9 to 5/11/17)

12. May 2017

Trade Fair Report Autostrada Polska

As Autostrada Polska in Kielce represents one of the largest trade fairs for infrastructure and road construction in Eastern Europe, TERRATEST® definitely could not be absent. 500 exhibitors and over 15,000 visitors participated in the event, which was accompanied by numerous seminars and subject-specific discourses. The presentation of the new light weight deflectometers 5000 BLU… mehr

Lightweight Deflectometers Presented on „Tiefbau LIVE“ in Karlsruhe (Germany)

27. April 2017

light weight deflectometer in action on TIEFBAU LIVE

Our well-known lightweight deflectometers TERRATEST 5000 BLU and TERRATEST 4000 STREAM for dynamical load plate test are presented in action during trade fair “Tiefbau Live”, taking place from 04/27 to 04/29 in Karlsruhe. The streaming method, enabling measurement results to be transferred on the construction site directly from the ROBUSTA electronics to a smartphone, is… mehr

Light weight deflectomter in Pavers Master Examination

15. February 2017

The light weight deflectometer was presented to budding foremen, masons and apprentices of the paving trade during a practise building site as part of the Master Craftsman’s examination for pavers being run as a course by the Chamber of Commerce in Graz / Austria. The light weight deflectometer for the dynamic plate load test is… mehr

Light Weight Deflectometer for Hamburg Wasser

10. February 2017

The light weight deflectometer for dynamic plate load test is to be immediately put into use in the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg for quick and precise compaction testing in construction projects for water supply and water disposal – including water supply works, sewage works and energy supply. Via the two arms of the business,… mehr

Calibrate your light weight deflectometer (LWD) now

31. January 2017

Calibration of light weight deflectomeres by TERRATEST

In accordance with the valid test specification TP BF StB Part B8.3, the light weight deflectometer must be calibrated once a year at a Federal Highway Research Institute Calibration Centre. A valid calibration is a requirement to ensure that test certificates are recognised from the client’s side. Measurements with a light weight deflectometer that has… mehr

Light Weight Deflectometer at GAT 2016 in Essen

11. November 2016

TERRATEST Light weight deflectometer on tradefair GAT Essen

The light weight deflectometer for dynamic plate load bearing testing was exhibited by TERRATEST at GAT 2016 in Essen. The trade fair for gas and water took place from the 8th to 10th November 2016 in Hall 3 at the Gruga Exhibition Ground. Alongside the Bluetooth device TERRATEST 5000BLU, TERRATEST presented the new light drop weight… mehr

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