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Testing normal compaction
Light Weight Deflectometer

Without measuring computer ROBUSTA
Control the device via your smartphone + TERRATEST App for Android and iPhone
HS Code: 90 24 80 19


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Product details

Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 6000 BLE
without measuring computer ROBUSTA

International standard accredited by ASTM E2835-11
According to german technical regulations TP BF-StB section B 8.3
for soil and stone pavements in road constructions
Standard RIL 836 Deutsche Bahn AG (GERMAN Railway)
Standard Austria RVS 08.03.04
Standard Spain/Mexico UNE 103807-2: 2008
Standard Australia Q258A

VOICE-Navigation in English language

12 months warranty according to warranty terms and conditions

Calibration certificate acc. to German Standard TP BF-StB Teil B 8.4

Detailed English Manual

Free APP for iOS and Android
control TERRATEST 6000 BLE via your smartphone and send test sheet directly from construction site
(Device will be delivered WITHOUT Smartphone)

Mechanical system
Loading device with 10 kg drop weight (measurement range Evd 15-70 MN/m² equals Ev2 over 120 MN/m²)
Load plate 300 mm with precision acceleration meter and Bluetooth transmission
Control the device directly with your smartphone even without using TERRATEST testing computer
Angled design load plate handles for mobile testing system “CARRELLO“
Ergonomic hexangular weight-catching grip for comfortable handling on the construction site
Safety grip with integrated spirit level, tightly screwed to the guide rod
Electroless nickel coating, especially suitable for construction sites, since largely resistant to alkaline constituents in lime, cement, concrete etc.
Free APP for Android and iOS smartphone
Send your test results directly from load plate to your smartphone, TERRATEST testing computer is not neccessary to perform tests
(Device will be delivered WITHOUT Smartphone)
Charger for Bluetooth-load plate 100-240 V input voltages
ONLINE web based software „TEOLO“
Presentation of testing points with Evd-value, date and time in satellite picture (can be turned off)
Individual data records with user-designed company logo and color coded settlement curves in A4 format
Statistical analysis of the test in accordance with German standard TP BF StB Part B8.3
Detailed English user guide (PDF-file)
Information cards: Quick Start Guide, Rules for Proper Use, Correlation static/dynamic,
Chart Ev2 -Evd- minimum requirements according to German standard ZTVE

2 Cartons

Carton 1
Dimensions: 40 x 36 x 52 cm
Weight: 23 kg

Carton 2
Dimensions: 120 x 36 x 34 cm
Weight: 19 kg

Weight 34 kg