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Dynamic Load Plate Test

Dynamic Load Plate Test wireless via Bluetooth

Dynamic load plate test device TERRATEST 6000 BLE is the most intelligent Light Falling Weight Deflectometer in the world and the world’s first operating via Bluetooth + App for iPhone and Android.

TERRATEST 6000 BLE revolutionises the dynamic load plate test of load bearing capacity because it is the world´s first LWD which operates wirelessly. Measurements are transmitted via Bluetooth from load plate to measuring computer, or smartphone. This is a huge advantage on the construction site because the measuring computer does not have to be put next to the mechanics, operating via APP you do not need electronics box anymore. 

As the first manufacturer in the world TERRATEST® offers a smartphone APP to control a Light Weight Deflectometer. TERRATEST 6000 BLE transfers the test data via Bluetooth® from the load plate directly to a smartphone. The advantage is obvious: during the dynamic load plate test the electronics box do no longer need to be placed next to the LWD. Thus, the user has both hands free for the handling of the device.

In permanent measuring mode the test is being controlled by the LED of the load plate, without having to handle the smartphone. The phone can comfortably remain inside the jacket when user is doing one test after the other. Measurements with the smartphone can be transmitted via email as PDF file in real time to the client or the office. Texts as client, construction site etc. can be entered via smartphone. Thanks to the camera function of the smartphone it is possible to  add a photo of the test point into the protocol.

  • World innovation Bluetooth:
    load plate test wirelessly
  • World innovation iPhone and Android app:
    control your LWD via smartphone
  • World innovation voice navigation:
    voice instructions while doing the test procedure
  • Weatherproof electronics box due to large glass lid
  • GPS system with satellite photo illustration
  • Integrated printer for immediate printout
  • USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC
  • Internal memory for automatic test storage
  • New PC software “TEOLO” for analysis and management of results and data
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Light Weight Deflectometer Terratest 5000 blu animated

Dynamic load plate test with the dynamic load plate

The dynamic load plate test with the dynamic load plate – also called dynamic plate bearing test – is a compaction test for rapid determination of the bearing capacity of grounds. The determined dynamic deflection module Evd (according to the Technical Test Code for Soil and Rock Mechanics in Road Constructions – TP BF-StB Part B 8.3) is measured in MN/m². It is being used in road and pipe construction as well as in earthworks, in order to judge the compaction quality of mounted layers, even while still in the construction phase. Thanks to the dynamic load plate test the executing company is able to assess the correct compaction of the ground layer by layer with their own staff. If the different layers are only being checked at the end of the earthworks, for example by using dynamic probing, extensive costs for dismounting, re-compacting and re-assembling the ground must be expected in case of poor compaction quality of the lower layers.

The dynamic load plate test with the dynamic load plate however is especially suitable for compaction tests in areas that are difficult to access like utility trenches, shafts and backfills. Furthermore, tests with the dynamic load plate can be performed throughout the compaction works, allowing for these to be conducted precisely and effectively. A further advantage is that with the aid of the dynamic load plate test the entire area, not just parts, of the construction field can be checked for a homogeneous compaction quality in a minimum of time. The results of the dynamic load plate test can be evaluated and printed directly on site.

Thanks to the easy, intuitive operability of TERRATEST’s measuring devices even non-experts can perform the dynamic load plate test after a short introduction.

TERRATEST 4000 STREAM is ideal for checking compaction on site in less than 2 minutes without a counterweight like a truck. Construction works do not have to stop during test procedure with LWD.

Thanks to its Bluetooth technology the TERRATEST 6000 BLE is ideal for soil compaction tests in trench digging or other infrastructure earth works, because the test can be done even in places hard to reach.

Thanks to “CARRELLO” you do not need to carry the 35 kg device during your test trip on the construction site. A very comfortable way to perform many tests over a wide range.

TERRATEST 6000 BLE performs the dynamic load plate tests in a very comfortable way, using Bluetooth technology. TERRATEST 6000 BLE is the first LWD in the world transmitting test results wirelessly from load plate to measuring device or smartphone. This is a big advantage on site, because no cable gets in the way of your test procedure.