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Calibration of light weight deflectomeres by TERRATEST

Calibration of light weight deflectomeres by TERRATESTIn accordance with the valid test specification TP BF StB Part B8.3, the light weight deflectometer must be calibrated once a year at a Federal Highway Research Institute Calibration Centre. A valid calibration is a requirement to ensure that test certificates are recognised from the clients side. Measurements with a light weight deflectometer that has not been calibrated may not be used to assess the compression quality in earthworks and road construction. The light weight deflectomter from TERRATEST is fitted with an integrated calibration reminder, which reminds the user one month prior to the expiry of the calibration, that the device calibration must be carried out soon. This way, it is guaranteed that this necessary calibration cannot be forgotten.

Many firms use the chilly winter months to have the calibration and servicing of their light weight deflectometers carried out by TERRATEST. We have prepared ourselves for the increased demand for calibration during the winter months.says Dr. Bernhard Korsch, Head of Calibration at TERRATEST GmbH in Lehnitz. We currently have a processing time for deflectometers of less than one week. This can really be seen by the amount of devices that arrive daily to us.Korsch continues.

Every light weight deflectometer is thoroughly checked by TERRATEST engineers before the calibration and is made fit again for the upcoming tasks on the building site. It is astonishing how few repairs are necessary even for older devices.says Sven Krone, a Workshop Leader at TERRATEST. Occasionally batteries are changed or canisters on the load plate are replaced. We are particularly pleased that many customers use our Collection and Delivery service, which further significantly shortens the process.Krone continues. TERRATEST also offers the option of Immediate Calibration. As part of the immediate service, customers can bring in their device and collect it again in around 90 minutes, without a surcharge. This morning I brought in two devices to be calibrated and was able to collect them both after just three hours, its great this immediate service. In the meantime, I did my shopping for the weekend in Oranienburg.raves Axel Kurt from Kurt Earthworks in Berlin. Certainly, the demand for Calibration at TERRATEST will continue to increase in February and March, but in Oranienburg they are well prepared. Incidentally, at TERRATEST it is also possible to have light weight deflectometers from other manufacturers calibrated.