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CEO Mr Schulz with TERRATEST Light Weight Deflectometer in Shanghai

ShanghaiThe Light Weight Deflectometer of TERRATEST has been operated in China for many years. It represents outstanding projects, notably the construction of the high-speed railway Beijing-Shanghai. It is now the time to introduce TERRATEST dealers in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong the innovative features and comfortable handling of the new Light Falling Weight Deflectometer  “TERRATEST 5000BLU” with Bluetooth technology, VOICE NAVIGATION and duration measurement mode. In addition, the special color “China Red” painted CARRELLO was perceived as extremely customer-friendly transport system for the 35kg heavy equipment.

“I am convinced that my customers would very much appreciate the comprehensive concept of TERRATEST 5000BLU, the ultra-fast structure of the bluetooth mechanism and the user-friendly software as extra plus.” CEO XIU FU LEI HKD Instruments Ltd. from Hong Kong. It was just logical that the demonstration device changed hands at that time and place.

In China, Light Drop Weight Tester from TERRATEST for the dynamic plate pressure method has been used in road construction for many years. A large number of TERRATEST devices has for example been used in the construction of the high-speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai.