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In Germany you can find it on nearly every civil engineering construction site. If during road construction, earthworks or pipeline and cable work, it is hard to imagine quick and precise determination of compaction quality without the Light Weight Deflectometer.

By now the awareness of the advantages of this profitable test method has spread to America. The international standards organization ASTM International, headquartered in the US, has officially accepted the procedure as an international standard test method under the registration number ASTM E2835-11. The ASTM standards are comparable to the German DIN-Norm and are mandatory, when conducting public works in America. “The approval of the ASTM to execute tests with the Light Weight Deflectometer results in increased application of the dynamic plate load test, not only in America but in many countries of the world which use US-American standards for construction”, says Frank G. Schulz, general manager of TERRATEST GmbH Berlin.